How to teach free/paid

Part 1:- How to register

1 Go to Teach To India

2 Click on Register and fill your details

Steps for teacher registration
(For teacher approval wait upto 1 to 2 days)

School Teacher User Name:  district short name, school/college short name, teacher initial name

Example:  sreitcamonika   

Password: monika123

OR   your school teachers details like  (Name, Email Id and Mobile No)  send to  [email protected]  or +251948422616(whatsapp), we will make your teachers login credentials and send back to you.


For individual teacher   User Name:    Example:  sreindmonika 

3  select the box Sign up as? “Instructor “and submit.

4 As you click on Register button, it will redirect to your dashboard. If not, then chick on your name on top right corner and click on setting, your dashboard will be open here.

5 As you apply as an instructor, so it will take up to 1 to 2 days. Our team will approve you manually then you will be able to create course.

Part 2:- After registration 


  1. Login with the given credential


  1. Create Course


  1. Add assignment and quiz


  1. Create Meeting


  1. Register to the students and join the course



Login with the given credential

On the right top corner click on Login and fill here your username and password. You will redirect to dashboard.

Create Course

1 On your dashboard in the left-hand side click on third option “ Course” and then click on “Create course”

2 (a) Select category -> Course name (district short name, school/college short name and subject name with section Example sre itca english 10a ” it will helpful to search the course”)

then write two good lines about to your course -> write/upload contents -> Click on “Move to advance setting”

(b) No need to change here anything just click on “Move to course components”

(c) No need to change here anything just click on “Move to curriculum” -> “Build curriculum”

(d) Click on “Section” and give the major heading of your course like (Calculus, Organic chemistry or Physics unit-1) then click on “Unit”. If you are uploading only notes then click on text otherwise click on video to upload the notes and previous lecture video/you tube video.

If you want to upload a chapter with video integration click on video button, fill the unit name like (ex. chapter 1 integration, chapter 2 atomic number, newton’s law).

Then select middle button to insert you tube video lecture link (our team will guide to you for “ how to upload lecture on Teach To India YouTube channel”).

For tuition teacher only:- After that select “Free unit” if you want to make it as a demo Lecture. We recommend to you please make your 2 to 3 video lectures as a free unit. Because of this any student will be able to see your demo lecture and purchase your course.

If you want to upload notes also click on “plus” button below “Attachment” and upload here notes in form of doc, pdf or ppt. Then click on “Move to Accessibility”

(e) If you are teaching a free course for school or college then select Anyone can access this course and Click on button “ Publish”. If you are giving an online paid tuition then click on “ course Price” -> click on “create product” and put price and sail price -> click on “create product” -> after that click on “Publish” (It is necessary).

Note :- To set the monthly price or one time payment for full course, our team will communicate to you by email. This monthly subscription or one time payment will be set by admin team on backend only.

Add assignment and quiz

To add and Integrate the assignment with course -> Go to dashboard -> Courses -> Under Instructor Control -> Manage Course -> Select the course -> Edit  course->

When the course will open direct go to option “Set curriculum”. Here click on add assignment -> Select  categories “upload” -> Give assignment name here like “ Assignment from ch1 to 5” -> put assignment marks ->assignment duration-> include in course (select course here) -> include in evaluation (select it) -> Attachment type (select here jpg, doc, png, pdf, ppt) -> attachment size (select here 5 mb or max 10 mb) -> assignment statement (type/upload assignment question here )-> Add assignment. Click on move to accessibility -> Publish

If you want to give live demo to students select it as “free unit” otherwise not. After that click on add unit -> click on “Move to accessibility “ -> Publish

To add and Integrate the quiz with course -> Go to dashboard -> Courses -> Under Instructor Control -> Manage Course -> Select the course -> Edit  course->

When the course will open direct go to option “Set curriculum”. Here click on add quiz -> Select  categories “simple” -> Give quiz name here like “ quiz from ch1 to 5” ->  include in course (select course here) -> quiz duration -> auto evaluate result (select it) -> number of question per page -> number of extra quiz retake ( If you are taking quiz in exam form select it zero if you are giving for practice select it any number) -> show result after submission (select it)-> show submit button on last question (select it) -> create question -> here total 9 format is given, we recommend use first two option.

A. for true/false type question-> question title -> Q1-> write question statement -> enter the value 1 for true and 0 for false -> create question

B. for multiple choice question ->  question title -> Q2-> write question statement -> add option -> enter option values -> correct choice answer (1, 2 etc) -> create question

In this ways we can create n number of questions.

After creating all questions -> enter marks in front questions -> click on button (add quiz) -> click on “Move to accessibility “ -> Publish

Create Meeting

1 In your dashboard click on BBB Live Class -> Click on “Create new”

2 (a) Meeting title -> (Ex. “Live sre itca English 10a”)

(b) Meeting content-> skip this

(c) Select Meeting Date and Time

(d) Select Meeting Duration in Minutes or Hours

(e) Put different password for moderate and attendee (Generally it’s not require to attend the class but it is necessary to put here)

(f) Select Recordable -> Its provide permission to the record the lecture (turn on both button)

(g) Sharing type -> Course  -> type your course name and select  it

(h) After that click on “Submit Meeting”

3 Daily To change the time go to your dashboard click on Live Class -> Manage Meeting -> click on your subject -> click on edit button ‘pen symbol’ on right-hand top corner -> Edit date and time -> Submit Meeting


To start the meeting just go to your dashboard click on Live Class -> Manage Meeting -> Here you can start the meeting


Note :- All these setting will be done only one time after that you have to change only date and time daily.

To take live class daily just you have to repeat step 3 only.

Register to the students and join the course

Steps for students registration

This work should be done by class teacher for his all class students.
(For student approval no need to wait, its automatically approved at the time of registration)

School Students User Name:  district short name, school/college short name, student initial name, class with section

Example:  sreitcasonia10a

Email Id: sreitca[email protected]

Password: 12345

1 Student will log In and go to his dashboard

2 Click on categories -> search Course created by teachers ( in search button type like  itca chemistry)->  select appropriate course and click on it -> click it to “join course”

In this ways all the necessary course can be join by students.

Note: A. To register and course joining for next student repeat the all steps of student registration  but before that logout the existing student.

B. After joining the course, class teacher will send student login, password and link to the particular student.

C. student can go through first button ” BBB Live Classes” for daily live classes

D. Student can go through third button to study the notes , to submit assignment and to submit quiz.